Real Estate Video Production Specialists

ELC (Enhanced Lighting Compression) Photography represents a breakthrough in the way that properties are represented in print and online. Utilizing a specially-configured camera that takes multiple simultaneous exposures and custom Photoshop software, ELC photography produces images that are almost surreal in their clarity, definition and sharpness. Whether you're after a corporate shot of the offices or you're keen to showcase some real estate, this kind of colour makes everything jump off the page.
The shadows and highlights are perfectly balanced and the color pops off the page. One realtor tells her clients "these photos add $100,000 to the value of your home". ELC Photo packages start at $199, and are also available bundled together with our Online Open House video packages. The combination of ELC photos and our videos will make your listing stand head and shoulders above the crowd. To book an appointment, call 480.240.9262, or email us.