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If you've viewed our homepage, you've probably already seen our luxury home video tours, but here at, we LOVE producing video... all sorts of video. In fact, our motto is that we'll never say no to a video product until we've given it serious consideration. Perhaps you have an idea for something that lends itself to a video production. Drop us a line and let's talk about it. Below are some examples of the sort of videos we've produced recently.
Here's how our home tour videos work: In about an hour, will videotape a high-definition tour of your home guided by a professional presenter. We then edit it, compress it, and link it to places your buyers are already looking:,, iTunes, YouTube, and your realtor’s website. Video packages start at $199, and can be bundled with our incredible ELC Photography packages. Drop us a line at 480.240.9262.

Our incredible luxury home tour

Designed with one purpose in mind: To make your listing stand our from the crowd. In under 2 hours, we'll capture your home in high-definition video with a guided tour by one of our professional presenters. Your video is placed on the MLS,, YouTube, iTunes, and can even be embedded on your own website, or emailed to prospective purchasers. Drop us a line today and give your listing the attention it deserves.

Luxury home tours with voice-over

Sometimes your home stands out better with just music and a vocal track. This keeps the focus squarely on the listing, and allows you to pre-script the wording. We can also add a live presenter to the beginning, end, or both, to give the video a personal touch. Our goal is to provide you with the most flexible options available for your listing.

Commercial real estate videos

We also shoot similar videos for commercial properties, including corporate condos, office buildings, business parks, retail centers, etc. A commercial video can be extremely cost effective because one video may suffice for an entire complex. Of course, we also provide ELC Photography for commercial properties. Call us today to find out about our commercial rates.

Land and property videos

Looking to sell a plot of land? You might think "What is there to video?". May we suggest shooting the land itself, the surrounding community, google maps and satellite views, and nearby ammenities and features. Add some music and voice-over, and you have a listing that's ready to sell. Drop us a line today to find out more about our land and property videos.

Promotional videos

Have a company you're looking to promote? There's no better way to say "We're open for business" than a high-quality video on your website. Our videos can be embedded on any Internet site, and can also be sent as a link via email. We make sure all our videos will play back promptly with no downloading, on PCs, Apple Macs, and Linux computers. We can custom-tailor a package to your individual needs, so drop us a line and let's talk about it.

Training videos

Why settle for the old-fashion way of classrooms, schedules, and slideshows for training? With an online video, your training is available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Attendees can watch at their own pace, and review sections they've missed, all without leaving the comfort of their home. Reach a world-wide audience without starting the car. Drop us a line to find out more about training with Internet videos.

Testimonial videos

What better way to promote your business than to hear from the clients you've served? A testimonial video lets others hear just why they should be doing business with you, from a third-party who has already used you. It lends an amazing amount of credibility and produces wonderful results. Drop us a line, and let's talk about how we can make a testimonial video work for you.

Website introduction videos

Greet your customers in style when they visit your webpage, or send them a custom 'thank you' video when they request information. You're sure to be remembered when they put a face to the name and see just how professional, warm, and friendly you are. Drop us a line and find out more today.

News and informational videos

Looking to make an impact in a journalistic manner? We can help you conduct interviews, present issues, explore ideas, all in a format that can easily be accessed by anyone with an Internet connection, 24 hours a day. Video is an amazing way to get your message out, and an interview-style shoot adds credibility and authenticity without requiring a lot of scripting. Drop us a line to find out more...

Podcasts and TV programs

Every wanted to host your own TV show? A weekly or monthly 'Podcast' is a fantastic way to reach your target market on a regular basis. If you have an interest in something, chance are there are other who share that interest, and would love to 'subscribe' to your show. We can help you with the show concept, putting together a 'pilot' episode, production and editing, and posting to the Internet and iTunes Music Store. Drop us a line to find out more...

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